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Agni Kumala Dewi

Class of : 2009
Major : Business Management
Concentration : Business

Greenside knows this to be true, because her studies at Harvard have already taken her around the world?not to mention across the river to Harvard Medical School, where she studies circadian rhythms in mice.

The summer after her freshman year, she traveled to Moldova and worked as an intern in a hospital there. Later on, she took part in a January course in Sao Paulo, where she met Brazilian engineering students and visited a sugar cane ethanol plant, a hydroelectric plant, and an offshore drilling platform.

She even traveled to Nafplion and Athens with a group of archaeology students and, as an intern, used skills she learned in CS 50 to design a content management system for a digital museum that helps kids learn about Greek history and Hellenic culture.

"I think experiences like that sort of ground you to a project, to a cause, that you really want to get excited about," she says. "And applied math has been everywhere."

Here on campus, Greenside spends part of her time applying mathematical modeling to neurobiology in a lab at the Medical



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After 3 – 4 years of struggle, endless deadlines, lack of sleep, mountains of extracurricular activities, you finally graduated. Congratulation! You now come to the crucial cross road where you have to decide on your future. In Indonesia, according to a survey done by ECC UGM in 2013, one of the most sought after position for fresh graduate is the management trainee program (Careernews, 2013).

Many established company has a management trainee program. A trainee by definition is someone who is being trained, conditioned, groomed and prepared for a particular position. This type of program are designed for graduates who aspire to be in leadership positions within an organization. In order to achieve this, they must first work their way through several departments in the organization in a familiarization process (GTI Median.d.). This is one of the reasons why the position is popularly sought after by fresh graduates.However, before you decide to apply for the program here are several pros and cons to consider: